It is concern with that trend of automobiles efficient and individualized production, new energy vehicle, low VOC and other industries, and provides a series of relevant adhesive tape product, which are widely used in wiring harness binding, surface protection, interior and exterior decoration, etc.

1. Interior decoration

Unique LVOC characteristics, as well as reliable cohesive strength, meet environmental requirements and fit requirements for various materials and applications.

The adhesion fixing of various sound absorbing cotton, buffer pad and shock absorbing material in NVH application is fixed by the adhesion of leather, nonwoven fabric, solid wood, rubber-like decoration material, felt, ceiling, floor, wire harness and other materials.

2. Exterior trim

Excellent adhesion strength and dependable weatherability to meet the requirements of complex automotive applications.

Various applications such as nameplate, LOGO, word plate, trim strip, rear-view mirror, radar system, and lamp seal.