Our high performance adhesive tape solutions provide infinite illusion to the design of structural bonding in the construction industry.

1. Elevator
During elevator manufacture and installation

Reinforcing bar bonding, floor bonding, mirror bonding, control panel bonding, decorative plate bonding

2. High interval

Bonding of glass to glass, glass, and aluminum frames.

It can realize high transparent adhesion, beautiful appearance and no dusting.

Convenient construction and high reliability.

3. Intelligent household

4. The doors and Windows assembly​​​​​​​

Composite door plank of adhesive, and door repair, etc.

Good UV resistance and weather resistance, simple operation, high production efficiency.​​​​​​​

5. Stairs and floors​​​​​​​

Prevent slippery stairs and fixed sound insulation materials, flooring, carpets, rugs, MATS fixed.

6. The central air conditioning​​​​​​​

Wrapping, thermal insulation and fixing of pipes, heat sink and fixing of copper pipes.